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You will get the opportunity to hear and see some of our very best Psychosomatic Therapy teachers, practitioners & professionals being interviewed in a very candid way.

Experience the in-depth look at their journey, where they’ve come from to who they are today. It’s exciting to see the massive diversity of our speakers, and yet, we all have the common ground of Psychosomatic Therapy as the backbone.

As a BONUS to our subscribers, we are also excited to share two EXTRA interviews.

A very special interview with the founder of the International College of Psychosomatic Therapy, Hermann Muller, and an active member of our community, Clayton Dyer, where he shares the experience of living his life in a very connected and conscious way, with the insights and awareness his psychosomatic journey has brought to him.

Our speakers will cover topics such as:

  • dis-ease
  • illness
  • emotional anatomy
  • fertility and sexual healing
  • identity and body language
  • speaking from your authentic self
  • yoga
  • sound therapy and communication
  • higher perspective
  • leadership energy coaching
  • reading faces and bodies
  • structural alignment
  • emotional release bodywork results
  • including insight case studies boundaries and alignment
  • plus healing traumas and stress.

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